Temporary storage and cargo handling

Responsible storage services


Every company cannot lead a fulfilling job without having a well-equipped warehouse. To ensure that the warehouse complies with all necessary requirements and has served its purpose, you need to put a lot of effort and money. Shipping company “Gudson" will help maintain a profitable activity for your company without investing significant capital.

Your product will be in maximum security

The shipping company "Gudson" offers its customers services for the storage of various goods. Warehouses of the company are provided with a qualified security service, comply with all safety regulations and are maintained by solely high-quality equipment. To worry about the safety and careful attitude to the cargo is not necessary.

The warehouses of Hudson company meet all the important requirements:

  • Convenient geographical location;
  • Spacious usable area;
  • Convenience of approach of any vehicle;
  • Distance from highways;
  • Full equipment of the premises;
  • Affordable cost of services.

The shipping company “Gudson” signs a contract for storage with each client to fully secure the deal. The customer will be sure of fair cooperation and be able to do more important issues for the development of their own business.

Ask for help to our company. Storage of your goods will be ensured at the highest level. Trust your own goods exclusively to professionals.